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Beauty comes from within and is reflected in your eyes...

Jessica specializes in flawless, long lasting waterproof custom airbrush makeup. Her clients raved about how well their makeup lasts throughout their event. Partially its due to the high quality makeup the Jessica stocks her kit with, in addition it's because of the professional waterproof sealer that she airbrushes to finish off her bridal (and special request) looks. This sealer has made makeup budgeproof through cake shmushes, torrential downpours, and extreme heatwaves.  


Receiving her Diploma in Makeup Artistry from Blanche MacDonald over 11 years ago, Jessica has established herself as one of the top bridal and beauty makeup artists on Vancouver Island. Through training with multiple luxury brands and industry professionals, she has been able to stay on top of ever changing trends and gained plenty of experience working with a multitude of clients ranging in age, ethnicity, and skin types. 


Jessica has also worked as a freelance high definition makeup artist with well known production studios on television sets (on music videos, commercials, etc.) within and around Vancouver, BC



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